Still Life Colour Study

Experimenting complimentary colors though still life objects, using pastels. I wanted to look at warm and cold colour and how they can sit next to one another on the page. Above I have analysed the different techniques artist use to make a shape round, bold or 3D. All techniques I have tried to explore in […]

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Geometric Still Life

Using coloured pastels, I drew the landscape of wooden boxes and beams in front of my esal. Thinking about parallel and geometric shapes also colour and negative space. (Top corner)  charcoal study of wooden structure.

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Jasper Goodall Illustrations

Using my skills in Illustrator, I created a series of illustrations inspired by Jasper Goodall’s work. I was looking at negative space and how geometric, abstract and linear shapes can play with the human figure and mind. I was able to show this through photography, shape and colour.

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Surface Pattern Design

Here I have created 4 surface patterned fabrics, with different intricut designs, exploring shape and colour. I decided to make two out of sewing and painting / reverse appliqu√© and two using image maker, each pattern’s design is detail and specific to that method of making. Very much so the colours chosen are vibrant and […]

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Wire Head Sculpture

Using chicken wire, I sculptured my head, looking at the contours and proportions of my face in a mirror, slowly connecting feature by feature, adjusting any of the other wires to make it look like me more. The sculpture focuses on negative space and the movement of the wire, which helps depict the features of […]

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