Skatepark Illustrations

This is the final interior of the three boxes, its all about my social life and friendships associated with skateboarding and my local skatepark. I started by taking photos of my friends, using adobe illustrator, I redesigned them into charactors of the skatepark. I kept the shapes and shadows simple as the characteristics of each […]

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Foam Collage

Inspired by Sir Michael Craig Martins paintings of everyday objects, I decided to make my own style collages using coloured foam, these collages are skate orientated, e.g. skate board, beer bottle or a wheel would be traced then cut out in 1-3 layers of foam. These pieces of work will be presented in the second […]

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Collaged Faces

These collaged, patterned tiles, are part of a Final Project, the Project consists of 3 boxes, this is the interior of box 1, they are inspired by the use of colour and pattern making using cut out magazines and coloured paper. I really like how they are all the same style, but each one unique […]

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