Cardboard Carpark

Using cardboard and tape, I reconstructed an area of a carpark using 1:1 scale. This is part of an ongoing documentary on the carpark appreciation society. I wanted submerge myself in the structures and objects found in carparks. Using cardboard I was able to create strong angled objects. The outcome is very interesting. The bolts […]

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Lewisham Multistory

These images are research for a project on carparks. This is a multi story carpark in Lewisham, which has 4 levels and a roof top carpark. I took pictures to get a better sense of what its like onsite and inside the levels. It felt much like a hotel of random colours and light, moving […]

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Skateboard Notebook

‘Exploded Sketchs’ a type of drawing which helps you understand the inside-out of an object. In this case a skateboard and a sketchbook with utensils. I have broken down the raw materials and parts of each object. This is a great way of researching and exploring different ways of developing a project. After I drew […]

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Drawing Exercises

Experimenting with different drawing techniques, I drew my dad, in small bursts of 2 – 3 mins and 30 seconds. This made my drawings free lucid and spontaneous. This exercise was very fun as I had never drawn with my wrist or with my mouth. These techniques of drawings created some interesting marks and shapes […]

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Charlie’s Mixtape Cover

This was a really fun project. I was asked to design my friend’s new mixtape cover for him. He is a up and coming UK rap artist. I started by photographing him, then using illustrator, I created a bright interesting composition on the photo. After the illustration was finished I took some shots of different […]

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Observing The Everyday

Washing my hair in the morning, something I do every other day, on a weekly basis. It is a very important aspect of my morning routine. Not only do I feel clean and smart, but it also wakes me up and is much quicker than having a shower. This practice consist of multiple design aspects […]

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Screen Printing

In my textile class I was exploring methods of printing using fabric. This was a illustration made on illustrator and converted into a screen print. I started by editing the picture to black and white, which was then used to make a stencil, using uv light to transfer the image onto the screen. After, I […]

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