Screen Printing

screen printing.jpg


In my textile class I was exploring methods of printing using fabric. This was a illustration made on illustrator and converted into a screen print. I started by editing the picture to black and white, which was then used to make a stencil, using uv light to transfer the image onto the screen.

After, I jet washed any excess print on the screen and stuck tape around the areas that are see through so the paint wouldn’t seep through. I mixed together the pigment with emulation, black then red, which I used to print with. I started with the black, covering the lip area with tape. Then reversed the method to print the red lips. I used a squeegee to address the paint over the screen, at a slight angle and with a bit of pressure I slid down, from top to bottom.

These prints can now be used on a bag for example. To be able to wash the fabric you must heat press the fabric to bond the paint with the surface it’s on.


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