Observing The Everyday

Washing my hair in the morning, something I do every other day, on a weekly basis. It is a very important aspect of my morning routine. Not only do I feel clean and smart, but it also wakes me up and is much quicker than having a shower. This practice consist of multiple design aspects which aids a much more efficient way of washing my hair.

Firstly, waking up can be long and restless, the thermostatic control levers on the shower are designed to be straight forward, using the colour blue and red for temperature, which easily shows you how hot or cold the water can be by turning the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise. The technology is simple to use and stays on the temperature you have previously used, so you don’t have to repeat finding the right temperature every morning. The shower is made out of light, long lasting aluminium, giving it a neat shine and long life, without rusting.

I have an extending shower hose; because of the length I am able to be in a comfortable stance over the bath with out arching my back, but also able to wash out the basin for hairs after I finish. The design of the hose is long and flexible. The water pressure is high and exerted through varying nozzles, which help me wet, soak and rinse my hair thoroughly, just by turning the rubber shower head. The head of the shower hose is designed to grip and fit comfortably in the palm of my hand and has a bend in it, pointing down so you do not have to strain your wrist trying to clean your hair. This design aspect is very useful for people with long hair.

With the simple turn of a knob I can stop the water and begin washing my hair with shampoo. The shampoo bottle is designed so you can squeeze it and a small dosage of gel will come out. This is helpful, as you are wet and may not be able to see. After, I can easily turn back on the shower and wash out the soap. Simply turning the hose head I can change the pressure making the technology do the work of washing the gel out of my hair. After washing the soap out of my hair, the hose is on a retractable real. After using it, it will restore back it its original position.

Therefore, because of the simple, easy process of washing my hair, I feel much more obliged to wake up and start my day. Also there is no stress or anxiety of rushing or tiring myself during the early hours. The design pretty much does it for you. Personally, waking up and washing my hair is essential for a good productive day.




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