Cranbrook Estate

These pictures where taken from a day trip to Cranbrook Estate. It is a very interesting space, situated in Bethnal green. It is made up of a number of large housing some small others skyscrapers. It is an open community, which leads towards Victoria Park. Unfortunately, the architect and council could not source the money […]

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Recycling Frame

This is an aluminum recycling frame designed to melt down unused plastic such as HDP and polystyrene, into chunks of plastic which can me the used for other objects, or literally recycled again back into their old properties. I started of by cutting and sanding the aluminum strips. Then using a punch, I marked out […]

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Uses Of Plastic

Using acrylic square, I made a simple box. Firstly, I measured out a square radius around each acrylic slab using a scribe. Then, at a 45 degree angle I sanded down each edge so that the faces of the box will sit neatly beside one another. After, I attached the sides and base together using […]

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Working With Acrylic

During a materials workshop, I explored how to use simple plastic (acrylic) in design. As Acrylic is a thermoplastic and can be manipulated using heat, I was able to make simple bends and angles on the plastic. I made a phone stand using 2 basic bends. Then after, I made a coat hanger, which was […]

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Typography In Reality

After creating my typeface, I wanted to put it into context to show others its uses. I chose to look at advertisement first creating a shop display title. editing out the old name and layering the new typeface, which I think works very well. Next I made a poster on illustrator of a wanted man. […]

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Designing a Typeface

In todays session, in the graphics technical studies workshop, I created a interesting typeface called ‘Skull-Script’. Using illustrator I edited a chosen font, morphing and stretching parts of letters to generate unique letter forms. I tried to go for a western/Bones theme. This type face would look great on a poster of T-shirt, as it […]

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Design & Ecology Zine

After making the book, I designed a Zine on Ecology. The article is designed to make people aware of using materials and wasting them at the same time. I have made this book and everything in it is handmade, i used recycled materials and reused parts of old books to stress the saving of materials. […]

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