London Car Parks

final Car Park images.jpg

final Car Park images 2.jpg

final Car Park images 3.jpg

final Car Park images 4.jpg

final Car Park images 5.jpg

For the final day of research on my car park enthusiast project, I travelled around London to find some more hidden car parks. Starting in bond street I followed the parking signs stumbling into an old brutalist structure rising 7 stores tall. An extremely interesting looking car park, by far the best I’ve ever seen throughout my project. The angled concrete which incloses the Wellbeck Car Park, is a great asset to my documentary.

On my trip I tried to capture a lot of different types of car parks, multi-storey and subterranean. Focusing on the space and atmosphere; when in and outside of the car parks. This helped me understand what the functions and needs of a car park are, but also to admire the hidden architecture of London which aids the human needs. This was a really productive day helping me complete my documentary.


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