Understanding Objects

Understanding objects 1.jpg

Understanding objects 2.jpg

Understanding objects 3.jpg

Understanding objects 4.jpg

To help me understand an object I need to draw it, visualise it in my head and on the page in front of me. This task helped me construct a good understanding of objects brought into university. Part of my Ecology and design week. This exercise consists of 5 minute drawings of first, 5 objects. Then 5 materials which i associate with ecology. After drawing each subject, for the first 5, I collaged works found in newspaper articles which are associated with the objects, e.g. my cap and ‘going out’ as I wear it when I go out. I tried to be more specific and and refined but this was a quick and spontaneous exercise.

Therefore I explored my ideas more freely cutting and sticking around the drawing in a fast and fluid manner. The second set of 5 drawings are surrounded with images instead of words. This was a bit easier in my eyes but hard to source the right picture. Using my magazines, ‘Royal Academy of Arts’ and ‘Vogue’ I was able to collage a series of images, which made me think of the making of the material but also its uses, in todays society and myself. If I have used it before in that way, or somehow crossed paths in everyday life. This has made me think about ecology as a physical thing and not just a definition. It has made me think more about how I use materials around me and how they enter into my life.


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