Heat Press Workshop

heat press 1.jpg

heat press 2.jpg

heat press 3.jpg

In this workshop, I explored heat pressing using polyester fabric and disperse dye. I also used different techniques such as stencils, yarn overlap and painting to create interesting patterns and shapes.

I started by cutting out a stencil, wrapping string and painting using a ruler, onto parchment paper. After painting the other pieces of paper for the stencil and yarn print I layered the paper, stencil/yarn on top of the fabric then put them into the heat press. This process took 50 seconds, at 180 degrees for the dye to transfer onto the polyester fabric.

I am very shocked by the outcomes as the dye has become much more vibrant from when I applied it on the paper first. The stencil work very well executing the shapes boldly, same with the yarn which created loose and energetic lines.


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