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This book binding workshop, was a very special experience. I have never made or bound a book before and I have had the honour to work with a extremely talented lady, Brenda Freedman, in her spare time she does  freelance embroidery and has been book binding for 17 years. This is part of a ongoing project I have been working on, ecology.

Ecology can mean a lot of things such as the relationships between organisms and their physical surroundings, whether its a large ecosystem of living plants or day to day actions of a humans to their surroundings. I chose to look at book binding as the material I used to create this object is very unique. It is a sustainable resource when used properly and the art in creating these objects are very particular when talking about the environment and sustainability.

The use of natural materials and the handmade craftsmanship of the book makes you respect the object. Therefore makes you respect the methods, the creation of the book, which finally makes you respect your surroundings, making you think where the materials came from.


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