Recycling Frame

recycling frame .jpg

recycling frame 2.jpg

melting process.jpg

This is an aluminum recycling frame designed to melt down unused plastic such as HDP and polystyrene, into chunks of plastic which can me the used for other objects, or literally recycled again back into their old properties.

I started of by cutting and sanding the aluminum strips. Then using a punch, I marked out where to drill the holes which will join the 2 bent pieces of metal. I then bent the using a vice and my strength. After, wearing protection, I polished the two beams, so that when I eventually melt the plastic inside the frame it will not leave any marks on the plastic. After polishing. I bent the two beams at a 90 degree angle so that they will meet, to form a square shape. Using long bolts and wing nuts, I attached the aluminum frame together.

I was now ready to melt down the plastic. Simply cutting milk bottle lids and placing them randomly in the frame, then placing the frame in the oven. This random process created a really interesting pattern, but also the way the plastic melted was quite intricate. After I carefully sanded down the edge removing any excess plastic and smoothed the corners.


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