Uses Of Plastic

acrylic box.jpg

coffee lid process.jpg

Using acrylic square, I made a simple box. Firstly, I measured out a square radius around each acrylic slab using a scribe. Then, at a 45 degree angle I sanded down each edge so that the faces of the box will sit neatly beside one another. After, I attached the sides and base together using a very strong material called solvent wield. similar to poxy resin, but you cannot see the join and it is the strongest type of glue.

After forming the plastic box, using black and white coffee cup lids, I gathered them randomly and placed them between two aluminum sheets and put it into the hot oven. After 10-15 minutes the polystyrene lids where melted into a leap of plastic. I quickly put the sandwiched plastic into a press for 2 minutes, allowing the plastic to cool down. After, once the plastic was cooled, I measured the square shape onto of the plastic using a scribe to get the correct measurement. I then placed the plastic patterned sheet into the bottom of the acrylic box, which I now use on my desktop for utensil holder and other good uses.


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