Cranbrook Estate

Cranbrook estate.jpg

Cranbrook estate 2.jpg

These pictures where taken from a day trip to Cranbrook Estate. It is a very interesting space, situated in Bethnal green. It is made up of a number of large housing some small others skyscrapers. It is an open community, which leads towards Victoria Park. Unfortunately, the architect and council could not source the money to buy the rest of the land leading over the canal into the park, which is a shame as there would have been a constant flow of family and people to and from Victoria park, making the estate a pleasant walk through, instead of just going through if you live there.

I found that the inside of the building is incredibly more interesting then I i expected, including bold shapes and colours also 2 amazing shaped stairwells. The estate also has more hidden gems, such as each large skyscraper has its own coat of arms (shield) and an individual meaning behind it. This trip was primarily research for a ongoing project. I wanted to take photos and get a rough idea with what I am investigating and how I can develop my ideas to get the full potential out of this fascinating space.



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