Cranbrook Camera Angles

rehearsal 1.jpgCranbrook illustration.jpgrehearsal 2.jpg

As the project came along, we developed our ideas to create a ceremony of the sculpture at Cranbrook Estate and to commemorate the work of ‘Lubetkin’ who designed the estate and the sculpture we will be performing on.

During our studies we planned to film a ceremony like performance using the space of the sculpture like a movie set. The photos above where experimentations of possible camera angles and how the set would be laid out. We also included sound, using a speaker and microphone. The sculpture as a dynamic, bold feel to it. We wanted to use this to the maximum. By creating this scene, new jobs where discovered. Therefore involving our group and tutors to actively use the space we where in.

After a few trips to Cranbrook estate, we formulated different roles, to communicate a team of film crew, which will include catering, a director, actors, camera and audio crew, photographer, musician and a runner. Each role a crucial element to making the film.



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