Skate Cam

skateboard cam 1.jpg

skateboard cam 2.jpg

This is a DIY dolly, which will film part of the ceremony at Cranbrook estate. Inspired by skateboarding, my work is heavily effected by what I’m passionate about. This sparked the idea of creating a new object using a small skateboard. I started by cutting out layers of plywood, and drilling them together. This will be the base for the camera holder, which will then be attached to the skateboard. Using screws I drilled round the tripod mount leaving a single screw at the bottom which can be removed and screwed back to release the camera mount.

After, I drilled the wooden camera mount to the skateboard using larger screws. Then to give the dolly a handle/gage of movement, I drilled a hole and attached a large screw, which a metal beam can be used to move it back and forth, when shooting the angles at the estate.


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