Pie Chart Typeface

collaged process.jpg

collaged process 2.jpg

Using old magazines, which I read on a day to day basis, I collaged titles for each pie chart. It was a very simple and easy process, but has a very effective outcome. The words look bold and energetic, much like half the things I get up to. I tried to keep them in order of size to each pie chart so the will fit neatly when I gather all my work together.

Instead of simply printing of works, I collaged these letters as i feel they represent me more, and give a different, more exciting feel to my work. I have always been fond of typography, therefore making my own allows me to be more creative and bold with each shape and colour, adding character to each pie chart.


I have also cut out the percentages for each pie chart which I will add to them once they are complete. I used a small stencil on black foam, this will give the charts depth and make the numbers stand out.


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