Statistics of Me

Pie Charts.jpgPie Charts 2.jpg

Here are some of the pie charts made from different materials I come into contact with on a weekly basis. The charts have been constructed to a accurate measurement of how much I spend doing different activities over the course of 1 week. Some straight forwards others a bit more abstract.

I used Foam Board to construct the charts, using a campus and pencil, I was able to measure out the size of the circle and the chunk of the pie chart I will be collaging, as a type of data collection method. After, I cut away the foam and begun to stick in the chosen materials, most of the materials where things I came into contact with, E.g. food wrappers, toiletries and plants. All I collected from when I use each material.

The pie charts vary in sizes, the bigger the chart the more time spent on that activity. some where very small, such as drinking, which shows me I don’t drink enough fluids during my week. I am really pleased with the outcome of the graphs, they are not complete. I still will be creating a typeface and show the percentage as a number, which I will attach at a later stage.


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