Key & Pins

coloured pins 2.jpgcoloured pins.jpg

I have made a key of three different coloured pins, very simply by sticking white stickers onto the top of each pin, then neatly colouring them in 3 different colours. Yellow represents good things or positive activities, orange represents irrelevant things that aren’t bad or good, and red represents bad, things that I don’t do enough of or do to much of, for example to much tv.

I have designed this key and constructed an acrylic box, so that people can take their pick on coloured pin and pin it to the pie charts that they think are suitable or do not agree on. E.g. a yellow pin can be pinned to the about of time spent walking, which is a good for of exercise which I do a lot of. These pins are also designed for interaction, so others can engage in my project and I can see of people agree or disagree on some of the time i spend on different activities.


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