The Hollow Man – Coat

coat site 1.jpg

Metal welding, a unique method of shaping materials and creating a sturdy structure to work from. We used this technique to shape a 1:1 scale frame of human shoulders. This gave the Hollow Man a sense of realism and 3D form.


coat site 2.jpg

Above, Jasper and ‘Tom’ are having a friendly chat outside New Cross Gate Station. The illusion of a man standing facing Jasper is extremely convincing. The Nylon thread is invisible and the metal frame (which Jasper is holding) floats majestically in front of the shot.

Now, time to film!

2 thoughts on “The Hollow Man – Coat

  1. Well done Ben, good work and effort. Next time I’m out fishing and get into a Big One, i’ll look down at the reel and see how little amount of nylon line I have left on the spool…….


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