After exploring the possibilities of having a 3rd arm, such as the images below. I wanted to apply a reverse analogy to the concept and begin to develop different examples of what the world we live in would be like when 3rd arm living was real and excepted in society.

Movie screenshots .jpg

Reconstructing a online fashion website ‘ASOS’, using my photoshop skills I was able to apply the pictures I took of the 3rd Arm and apply it into reality. This gives a bold effect on what it would look like and in a sense a very ‘normal’ feel to such a strange being. Also adding other options like, Grey trousers, warn by a 3 armed model or the option to buy gloves, which come in a set of 3.

ASOS web pg.jpg

In order for me to understand how and where this analogy would be materialised, such as this reconstruction of a website, I had to become the other. Below is a before and after shot of how I reconstructed the 3rd arm being. 2 became 1!

Before & After.jpg

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