3D mapping process 4.png

Parallel to my project on flow, I have been exploring how to use light and 3D modelling to create small scale spaces. Using simple modelling methods I have reconstructed a cityscape using foam board. This is act as a canvas to project light / images onto. Prototyping, is an essential process to designing. Using projection mapping I am able to explore deeper into the design of spaces and how ‘flow’ is effected.

3D mapping process 1.png

The set up is simple, I placed the projector directly over the 3D model so that the projection engulfs the whole scene. VPT8 is a free projection mapping software I am using on my laptop, which is connected to the projector, using a HDMI cable.

3D mapping process 2.png

Using images I have found on the web, I was able to stretch each corner to the exact point, by looking up at the 3D model in real time. This process took time, but once each face of the model was covered, it really brought it to life. Using projection mapping I am able to see spaces in a new light, materialising ‘flow’ in a interesting simulation.

3D mapping process 3.png



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