Model illustration.png

For my final projection mapping model, I have chosen a location which suits best for projecting onto. This site in North London (Golders Green) has many surfaces and opportunities to project onto. There is a strong diversity of areas which will detour ones view and actions within this space. Including the pavement below eye level, the walls and windows at eye level and anything above, such as the bridge or building facades.

Model illustration 2.png

Here is the process of how I converted an illustration into a 3D model:

Model 1.png

Foam board is a very good material for modelling as it is lightweight and easy to cut. It is also the perfect material to project onto as it is plain and has a gloss like finish.

Model 2.png

I have tried to minimise the amount of detail, but still evoke a high level of architectural study of what the space really looks like. finding the fine line between the both. Now that I have completed the model, the next stage will be to project colour and videos onto surfaces to prompt levels of detour and change the way people flow in this space.

Model 3.png

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