Using 3D modelling and a Projector, I was able to bring to life a space by using the model as a canvas to project video, colour and text onto. This technique is extremely useful and acts as a tool for new interventions within public spaces. As you can see, the projections act as an interactive […]



In phase 2 of my projection mapping prototype, I started to play around with sound and moving image. This process has allowed me to have more freedom in what I design and how it is inputted into the space. The model is still a tool for intervention. The possibilities for projection mapping in public spaces […]



  This is a short film on the different flows and patterns of a urban cityscape. Using the simple effect of split screen editing, I wanted to develop a better understanding of human flow within busy and quiet spaces in an ever changing ecosystem. Inspired by skateboarding, I have been observing spaces, trying to unpick […]

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  The Ledge is a short Stop motion animation I have created all by hand, individually cutting out the figures are arranging them into the space. This short project is part of an investigation on ‘Flow’ and how different people interact with a space in their own way. I have used skateboarding as an abstract […]

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Skate Cam

This is a DIY dolly, which will film part of the ceremony at Cranbrook estate. Inspired by skateboarding, my work is heavily effected by what I’m passionate about. This sparked the idea of creating a new object using a small skateboard. I started by cutting out layers of plywood, and drilling them together. This will […]

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Understanding Objects

To help me understand an object I need to draw it, visualise it in my head and on the page in front of me. This task helped me construct a good understanding of objects brought into university. Part of my Ecology and design week. This exercise consists of 5 minute drawings of first, 5 objects. […]

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Skateboard Notebook

‘Exploded Sketchs’ a type of drawing which helps you understand the inside-out of an object. In this case a skateboard and a sketchbook with utensils. I have broken down the raw materials and parts of each object. This is a great way of researching and exploring different ways of developing a project. After I drew […]

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