Car Park Video

After 2 weeks of dedicated research, my fellow students and I completed our ‘Car Park Fandom’ documentary. I had such a great time travelling around London city finding interesting shots and perspectives of hidden car parks. We also had some great Knowledge from Kevin Beresford, the president of the ‘Car park appreciation society’ who is […]

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London Car Parks

For the final day of research on my car park enthusiast project, I travelled around London to find some more hidden car parks. Starting in bond street I followed the parking signs stumbling into an old brutalist structure rising 7 stores tall. An extremely interesting looking car park, by far the best I’ve ever seen […]

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Cardboard Carpark

Using cardboard and tape, I reconstructed an area of a carpark using 1:1 scale. This is part of an ongoing documentary on the carpark appreciation society. I wanted submerge myself in the structures and objects found in carparks. Using cardboard I was able to create strong angled objects. The outcome is very interesting. The bolts […]

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Lewisham Multistory

These images are research for a project on carparks. This is a multi story carpark in Lewisham, which has 4 levels and a roof top carpark. I took pictures to get a better sense of what its like onsite and inside the levels. It felt much like a hotel of random colours and light, moving […]

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