Skate Cam

This is a DIY dolly, which will film part of the ceremony at Cranbrook estate. Inspired by skateboarding, my work is heavily effected by what I’m passionate about. This sparked the idea of creating a new object using a small skateboard. I started by cutting out layers of plywood, and drilling them together. This will […]

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Cranbrook Estate Model

This is a 1:25 scale, interactive model of Cranbrook Estate in Bethnal Green. It is made to demonstrate the perspective and feelings of walking down the main path which leads to nowhere. A sad and unfortunate event. The council didn’t have enough funding to by the land between the estate and Victoria Park, therefore the […]

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The Victorian Washstand

William Burges Washstand was made in the 19th century, in 1880. Burges was a Victorian Architect and designer and designed the piece. John Walden handcrafted the Washstand. The design features a carved, painted and gilded wood, alongside a marble top and basin inset with silver; also two bronze taps. The piece demonstrates amazing skill and […]

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Working With Acrylic

During a materials workshop, I explored how to use simple plastic (acrylic) in design. As Acrylic is a thermoplastic and can be manipulated using heat, I was able to make simple bends and angles on the plastic. I made a phone stand using 2 basic bends. Then after, I made a coat hanger, which was […]

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Making Netsukes

A Netsuke is a Traditional Japanese Charm, is commonly madeĀ from ivory or wood, formerly worn to suspend articles from the sash (belt) of a kimono, as they didn’t have pockets. I chose to make them out of skateboard wheels as, it represents my personal charm and passion. But also the wheels have a ivory look […]

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Wooden Spoon

First wooden spoon ever made. Here I’ve show the process of turning a piece of soft plywood into a tablespoon. Great fun using different machineries, like the Bobbin Sander. The spoon is a very basic, but with a hint of my own style, by drilling two holes through the spine of the spoon and joining […]

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Here are the interiors of the three boxes I have made, for my final major project. Each box is inspired by different aspects of my life, including Art, Hobbies and Friendship. The boxes also include childhood memories, such as photos and small toys, which sit in ‘neat clutter’ on the hand made shelfs. These boxes […]

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