Collaged Facade

One part of the simulation was collaging images of the locations¬†facade onto the model. Using the projection mapping software I was able to warp and stretch patches of brick, ledge and window onto the model. This interesting outcome was a great start to creating an immersive recreation of the original space.¬†        

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In phase 2 of my projection mapping prototype, I started to play around with sound and moving image. This process has allowed me to have more freedom in what I design and how it is inputted into the space. The model is still a tool for intervention. The possibilities for projection mapping in public spaces […]



  The Ledge is a short Stop motion animation I have created all by hand, individually cutting out the figures are arranging them into the space. This short project is part of an investigation on ‘Flow’ and how different people interact with a space in their own way. I have used skateboarding as an abstract […]

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Here are the pictures of my final piece in the exhibition space. As there was no space on the walls, I decided to cover a table in an old bed sheet. I begun by ironing the sheet so that the table looks neat and presentable. I positioned the charts where I wanted and begun to […]

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My Pie Charts

Finally, the Pie charts are complete, I tried to create a diverse and dynamic feeling on each chart, demonstrating the things i interactive with on a daily basis. Some more interesting than others, but thats like my daily route, so of it is boring, and sometimes it is fun! From the steps before, I have […]

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Key & Pins

I have made a key of three different coloured pins, very simply by sticking white stickers onto the top of each pin, then neatly colouring them in 3 different colours. Yellow represents good things or positive activities, orange represents irrelevant things that aren’t bad or good, and red represents bad, things that I don’t do […]

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Pie Chart Typeface

Using old magazines, which I read on a day to day basis, I collaged titles for each pie chart. It was a very simple and easy process, but has a very effective outcome. The words look bold and energetic, much like half the things I get up to. I tried to keep them in order […]

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