Here are the pictures of my final piece in the exhibition space. As there was no space on the walls, I decided to cover a table in an old bed sheet. I begun by ironing the sheet so that the table looks neat and presentable. I positioned the charts where I wanted and begun to […]

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My Pie Charts

Finally, the Pie charts are complete, I tried to create a diverse and dynamic feeling on each chart, demonstrating the things i interactive with on a daily basis. Some more interesting than others, but thats like my daily route, so of it is boring, and sometimes it is fun! From the steps before, I have […]

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Jumpsuit Chain

These thin painting jumpsuits, where perfect for my idea of a chain of people all connected   into 1. With a few simple stitching on the sleeves I was able to create this piece which will can be used in a protest, a statement in which you literally just stand there. Creating a block. This […]

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Protest Hoodie

This object is designed to be comfortable and easy to function in a protest environment, if the police use unnecessary ways of retaliation to your protest you can easily pull over the hood and the plastic visor, will protect your eyes from gas, and water. Also from debris around you that you could come into […]

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Protest Arm

Part of a university project, I have created a sleeve which two people wear. An arm either end, goes in and attaches in the middle with carabiner clips to a bracelet worn. This object is used to stop police from separating 2 people, like a road block but with human bodies, the outside of the […]

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