Skate Cam

This is a DIY dolly, which will film part of the ceremony at Cranbrook estate. Inspired by skateboarding, my work is heavily effected by what I’m passionate about. This sparked the idea of creating a new object using a small skateboard. I started by cutting out layers of plywood, and drilling them together. This will […]

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Cranbrook Camera Angles

As the project came along, we developed our ideas to create a ceremony of the sculpture at Cranbrook Estate and to commemorate the work of ‘Lubetkin’ who designed the estate and the sculpture we will be performing on. During our studies we planned to film a ceremony like performance using the space of the sculpture […]

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Cranbrook Estate Model

This is a 1:25 scale, interactive model of Cranbrook Estate in Bethnal Green. It is made to demonstrate the perspective and feelings of walking down the main path which leads to nowhere. A sad and unfortunate event. The council didn’t have enough funding to by the land between the estate and Victoria Park, therefore the […]

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Car Park Video

After 2 weeks of dedicated research, my fellow students and I completed our ‘Car Park Fandom’ documentary. I had such a great time travelling around London city finding interesting shots and perspectives of hidden car parks. We also had some great Knowledge from Kevin Beresford, the president of the ‘Car park appreciation society’ who is […]

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A Cardboard Experience

  Working in Groups, we created an experience for an individual out of cardboard and tape. Taken from the film ‘Trainspotting’ we remade a messy toilet cubical, designed to have a small hole in the back so the individual can crawl up the tight squeeze, as if coming out of a real toilet. We added […]

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