Chrs & Catchy Mixtape Cover

This is a Mixtape cover for my friends who are currently music artists and Djs. I wanted to create a fresh and dynamic cover which brings them both together and shows how close they are. Designed and drawn on illustrator, this graphic has a bold and details feel to it, the dark purple gradient pushes […]

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Here are the pictures of my final piece in the exhibition space. As there was no space on the walls, I decided to cover a table in an old bed sheet. I begun by ironing the sheet so that the table looks neat and presentable. I positioned the charts where I wanted and begun to […]

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My Pie Charts

Finally, the Pie charts are complete, I tried to create a diverse and dynamic feeling on each chart, demonstrating the things i interactive with on a daily basis. Some more interesting than others, but thats like my daily route, so of it is boring, and sometimes it is fun! From the steps before, I have […]

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Cranbrook Camera Angles

As the project came along, we developed our ideas to create a ceremony of the sculpture at Cranbrook Estate and to commemorate the work of ‘Lubetkin’ who designed the estate and the sculpture we will be performing on. During our studies we planned to film a ceremony like performance using the space of the sculpture […]

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Typography In Reality

After creating my typeface, I wanted to put it into context to show others its uses. I chose to look at advertisement first creating a shop display title. editing out the old name and layering the new typeface, which I think works very well. Next I made a poster on illustrator of a wanted man. […]

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Designing a Typeface

In todays session, in the graphics technical studies workshop, I created a interesting typeface called ‘Skull-Script’. Using illustrator I edited a chosen font, morphing and stretching parts of letters to generate unique letter forms. I tried to go for a western/Bones theme. This type face would look great on a poster of T-shirt, as it […]

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Design & Ecology Zine

After making the book, I designed a Zine on Ecology. The article is designed to make people aware of using materials and wasting them at the same time. I have made this book and everything in it is handmade, i used recycled materials and reused parts of old books to stress the saving of materials. […]

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