My Pie Charts

Finally, the Pie charts are complete, I tried to create a diverse and dynamic feeling on each chart, demonstrating the things i interactive with on a daily basis. Some more interesting than others, but thats like my daily route, so of it is boring, and sometimes it is fun! From the steps before, I have […]

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Heat Press Workshop

In this workshop, I explored heat pressing using polyester fabric and disperse dye. I also used different techniques such as stencils, yarn overlap and painting to create interesting patterns and shapes. I started by cutting out a stencil, wrapping string and painting using a ruler, onto parchment paper. After painting the other pieces of paper […]

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Screen Printing

In my textile class I was exploring methods of printing using fabric. This was a illustration made on illustrator and converted into a screen print. I started by editing the picture to black and white, which was then used to make a stencil, using uv light to transfer the image onto the screen. After, I […]

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Banana Pillow

This project is part of my technical studies at university. I was getting familiar using the sewing machine and making darts in the fabric, this shapes the fabric to create a particular angle, in this case a curved line for a banana. It started from dicing the paper shell of the banana and enlarging the […]

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Surface Pattern Design

Here I have created 4 surface patterned fabrics, with different intricut designs, exploring shape and colour. I decided to make two out of sewing and painting / reverse appliqué and two using image maker, each pattern’s design is detail and specific to that method of making. Very much so the colours chosen are vibrant and […]

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Estorick Collection Leaflet

This project was for the Gallery of Futurism art work, in conjunction with my collage; I had to design a and create a in-depth starter pack for a subscription with ‘The Estorick Collection’ I decided to base it on a children theme encouraging younger people to admire the futurism movement. Using Lino Print, painting, drawing […]

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Amy Winehouse Posters

Poster designs, inspired by pop art, including hand made sponge stencil and typography using foam card and pens. Using different mediums, I created leaflets to a fake concert by Amy Winehouse. Using previous illustrations of Amy, I collaged typography to make bold and interning text. I also used stencils and printmaking to complete my designs.

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