What defines a space? This is a short trailer on the way skateboarders view the urban landscape. Bringing to life the intricacies of time, speed and movement through the eyes of skateboarding. Part of my investigation on the subject, ‘Communication through a visual language, looking into the small details to understand a system as […]


Tom the Hollow Man

This short documentary is an invisible middle age man called Tom. We tried to capture a raw insight of the highs and lows of being invisible. We were luck enough to document particular actions and traits of being invisible, such as the struggle of getting a job, to everyday actions like shopping when being invisible… […]

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The Hollow Man – Coat

Metal welding, a unique method of shaping materials and creating a sturdy structure to work from. We used this technique to shape a 1:1 scale frame of human shoulders. This gave the Hollow Man a sense of realism and 3D form.   Above, Jasper and ‘Tom’ are having a friendly chat outside New Cross Gate […]

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The Hollow Man – Glasses

This is the beginning of a weeks long project called ‘Tom the Hollow Man’. In a group of 5, working against time, recreated our own perception of an invisible man. Starting by making a frame for the glasses. Using a triangular design to hold the glasses with 3 points of contact, allowing the puppeteer to […]

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Car Park Video

After 2 weeks of dedicated research, my fellow students and I completed our ‘Car Park Fandom’ documentary. I had such a great time travelling around London city finding interesting shots and perspectives of hidden car parks. We also had some great Knowledge from Kevin Beresford, the president of the ‘Car park appreciation society’ who is […]

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