Mouth Guard Camera

Below is the step by step process of the mouth guard camera. Using the simple touch of an iPhone cover as an attachment for filming with an iPhone, I started by sanding and shaping a piece of metal which I will attach the iPhone case to using a glue gun.¬†I made sure the metal was […]

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Chrs & Catchy Mixtape Cover

This is a Mixtape cover for my friends who are currently music artists and Djs. I wanted to create a fresh and dynamic cover which brings them both together and shows how close they are. Designed and drawn on illustrator, this graphic has a bold and details feel to it, the dark purple gradient pushes […]

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Statistics of Me

Here are some of the pie charts made from different materials I come into contact with on a weekly basis. The charts have been constructed to a accurate measurement of how much I spend doing different activities over the course of 1 week. Some straight forwards others a bit more abstract. I used Foam Board […]

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Understanding Objects

To help me understand an object I need to draw it, visualise it in my head and on the page in front of me. This task helped me construct a good understanding of objects brought into university. Part of my Ecology and design week. This exercise consists of 5 minute drawings of first, 5 objects. […]

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Skateboard Notebook

‘Exploded Sketchs’ a type of drawing which helps you understand the inside-out of an object. In this case a skateboard and a sketchbook with utensils. I have broken down the raw materials and parts of each object. This is a great way of researching and exploring different ways of developing a project. After I drew […]

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Drawing Exercises

Experimenting with different drawing techniques, I drew my dad, in small bursts of 2 – 3 mins and 30 seconds. This made my drawings free lucid and spontaneous. This exercise was very fun as I had never drawn with my wrist or with my mouth. These techniques of drawings created some interesting marks and shapes […]

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Final Netsukes

After skating the wheels, I work into them more.I wanted to use the same traditional Japanese artwork on my Netsukes. I researched ¬†Japanese seasonal colours. I chose the colours of the four seasons, e.g. Red and white wheel was winter, using the white as snow. Beneath the paint I drew a Bonsai tree, wrapping around […]

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