After exploring the possibilities of having a 3rd arm, such as the images below. I wanted to apply a reverse analogy to the concept and begin to develop different examples of what the world we live in would be like when 3rd arm living was real and excepted in society. Reconstructing a online fashion website […]

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Cranbrook Estate

These pictures where taken from a day trip to Cranbrook Estate. It is a very interesting space, situated in Bethnal green. It is made up of a number of large housing some small others skyscrapers. It is an open community, which leads towards Victoria Park. Unfortunately, the architect and council could not source the money […]

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Estorick Collection Leaflet

This project was for the Gallery of Futurism art work, in conjunction with my collage; I had to design a and create a in-depth starter pack for a subscription with ‘The Estorick Collection’ I decided to base it on a children theme encouraging younger people to admire the futurism movement. Using Lino Print, painting, drawing […]

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