Escaping a purpose. I wanted to reconstruct a space with the area of a London Bus stop. This is a project on ‘escape’, escape can mean many different ways and in certain context have very different traits. Whether its physical or mentally. Im looking into the contextual form of escape. Escaping from what we see […]


Mouth Guard Camera

Below is the step by step process of the mouth guard camera. Using the simple touch of an iPhone cover as an attachment for filming with an iPhone, I started by sanding and shaping a piece of metal which I will attach the iPhone case to using a glue gun. I made sure the metal was […]

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Making Netsukes

A Netsuke is a Traditional Japanese Charm, is commonly made from ivory or wood, formerly worn to suspend articles from the sash (belt) of a kimono, as they didn’t have pockets. I chose to make them out of skateboard wheels as, it represents my personal charm and passion. But also the wheels have a ivory look […]

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