After exploring the possibilities of having a 3rd arm, such as the images below. I wanted to apply a reverse analogy to the concept and begin to develop different examples of what the world we live in would be like when 3rd arm living was real and excepted in society. Reconstructing a online fashion website […]

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Tom the Hollow Man

This short documentary is an invisible middle age man called Tom. We tried to capture a raw insight of the highs and lows of being invisible. We were luck enough to document particular actions and traits of being invisible, such as the struggle of getting a job, to everyday actions like shopping when being invisible… […]

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Escaping a purpose. I wanted to reconstruct a space with the area of a London Bus stop. This is a project on ‘escape’, escape can mean many different ways and in certain context have very different traits. Whether its physical or mentally. Im looking into the contextual form of escape. Escaping from what we see […]


My Pie Charts

Finally, the Pie charts are complete, I tried to create a diverse and dynamic feeling on each chart, demonstrating the things i interactive with on a daily basis. Some more interesting than others, but thats like my daily route, so of it is boring, and sometimes it is fun! From the steps before, I have […]

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Cranbrook Estate

These pictures where taken from a day trip to Cranbrook Estate. It is a very interesting space, situated in Bethnal green. It is made up of a number of large housing some small others skyscrapers. It is an open community, which leads towards Victoria Park. Unfortunately, the architect and council could not source the money […]

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London Car Parks

For the final day of research on my car park enthusiast project, I travelled around London to find some more hidden car parks. Starting in bond street I followed the parking signs stumbling into an old brutalist structure rising 7 stores tall. An extremely interesting looking car park, by far the best I’ve ever seen […]

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Lewisham Multistory

These images are research for a project on carparks. This is a multi story carpark in Lewisham, which has 4 levels and a roof top carpark. I took pictures to get a better sense of what its like onsite and inside the levels. It felt much like a hotel of random colours and light, moving […]

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