For my final projection mapping model, I have chosen a location which suits best for projecting onto. This site in North London (Golders Green) has many surfaces and opportunities to project onto. There is a strong diversity of areas which will detour ones view and actions within this space. Including the pavement below eye level, […]


Mouth Guard Camera

Below is the step by step process of the mouth guard camera. Using the simple touch of an iPhone cover as an attachment for filming with an iPhone, I started by sanding and shaping a piece of metal which I will attach the iPhone case to using a glue gun. I made sure the metal was […]

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Skate Cam

This is a DIY dolly, which will film part of the ceremony at Cranbrook estate. Inspired by skateboarding, my work is heavily effected by what I’m passionate about. This sparked the idea of creating a new object using a small skateboard. I started by cutting out layers of plywood, and drilling them together. This will […]

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Working With Acrylic

During a materials workshop, I explored how to use simple plastic (acrylic) in design. As Acrylic is a thermoplastic and can be manipulated using heat, I was able to make simple bends and angles on the plastic. I made a phone stand using 2 basic bends. Then after, I made a coat hanger, which was […]

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Cardboard Carpark

Using cardboard and tape, I reconstructed an area of a carpark using 1:1 scale. This is part of an ongoing documentary on the carpark appreciation society. I wanted submerge myself in the structures and objects found in carparks. Using cardboard I was able to create strong angled objects. The outcome is very interesting. The bolts […]

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A Cardboard Experience

  Working in Groups, we created an experience for an individual out of cardboard and tape. Taken from the film ‘Trainspotting’ we remade a messy toilet cubical, designed to have a small hole in the back so the individual can crawl up the tight squeeze, as if coming out of a real toilet. We added […]

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Protest Arm

Part of a university project, I have created a sleeve which two people wear. An arm either end, goes in and attaches in the middle with carabiner clips to a bracelet worn. This object is used to stop police from separating 2 people, like a road block but with human bodies, the outside of the […]

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