Parallel to my project on flow, I have been exploring how to use light and 3D modelling to create small scale spaces. Using simple modelling methods I have reconstructed a cityscape using foam board. This is act as a canvas to project light / images onto. Prototyping, is an essential process to designing. Using projection […]



  The Ledge is a short Stop motion animation I have created all by hand, individually cutting out the figures are arranging them into the space. This short project is part of an investigation on ‘Flow’ and how different people interact with a space in their own way. I have used skateboarding as an abstract […]

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  What defines a space? This is a short trailer on the way skateboarders view the urban landscape. Bringing to life the intricacies of time, speed and movement through the eyes of skateboarding. Part of my investigation on the subject, ‘Communication through a visual language, looking into the small details to understand a system as […]


The Hollow Man – Glasses

This is the beginning of a weeks long project called ‘Tom the Hollow Man’. In a group of 5, working against time, recreated our own perception of an invisible man. Starting by making a frame for the glasses. Using a triangular design to hold the glasses with 3 points of contact, allowing the puppeteer to […]

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Bus Stop Curtain

To make the curtain surrounding the bus stop, needed to create a wooden structure that would sit on top and not damage the bus stop. I started by sawing strong timber and attaching 2 side pieces, all previously measured. I drilled 2 more pieces of plywood to support the structure at either ends. Next I […]

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Escaping a purpose. I wanted to reconstruct a space with the area of a London Bus stop. This is a project on ‘escape’, escape can mean many different ways and in certain context have very different traits. Whether its physical or mentally. Im looking into the contextual form of escape. Escaping from what we see […]


Mouth Guard Camera

Below is the step by step process of the mouth guard camera. Using the simple touch of an iPhone cover as an attachment for filming with an iPhone, I started by sanding and shaping a piece of metal which I will attach the iPhone case to using a glue gun. I made sure the metal was […]

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