This has been a great project, I have learnt how to model make to a professional standard, increasing my skills using different techniques for a variety of materials. Above is the complete model. I added a few final touches such as the carpet which grouped all the interior objects and the ribbon which could […]



To complete the interior of the bus stop I replicated the stools and Pouf. I measured the size of each object making sure they are to scale with the rest of the model. For the pouf I wanted to make it as real as possible. Using a simple running stitch I sewed a square shape […]


The Hollow Man – Glasses

This is the beginning of a weeks long project called ‘Tom the Hollow Man’. In a group of 5, working against time, recreated our own perception of an invisible man. Starting by making a frame for the glasses. Using a triangular design to hold the glasses with 3 points of contact, allowing the puppeteer to […]

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Phase 2 – Massage bed & Legs

The Previous massage bed was great, but it didn’t really work well with the surrounding space especially the colour and thin structure. Using the foam from inside an old sofa pillow, I cut three layers like a sponge cake. This will help with the shape and padding of the new bed. After cutting the foam […]

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Massage Table

This is the Massage table made from scratch. I started by cutting a head shape out the top ¬†of the table. Then with an old Yoga mat, I stretched it round the corners and sides of it and hammered pins into the material. Using spare timber, I cut them the height of the existing bus […]

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