Bus Stop Curtain

To make the curtain surrounding the bus stop, needed to create a wooden structure that would sit on top and not damage the bus stop. I started by sawing strong timber and attaching 2 side pieces, all previously measured. I drilled 2 more pieces of plywood to support the structure at either ends. Next I […]

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The Victorian Washstand

William Burges Washstand was made in the 19th century, in 1880. Burges was a Victorian Architect and designer and designed the piece. John Walden handcrafted the Washstand. The design features a carved, painted and gilded wood, alongside a marble top and basin inset with silver; also two bronze taps. The piece demonstrates amazing skill and […]

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Here are the interiors of the three boxes I have made, for my final major project. Each box is inspired by different aspects of my life, including Art, Hobbies and Friendship. The boxes also include childhood memories, such as photos and small toys, which sit in ‘neat clutter’ on the hand made shelfs. These boxes […]

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Skatepark Illustrations

This is the final interior of the three boxes, its all about my social life and friendships associated with skateboarding and my local skatepark. I started by taking photos of my friends, using adobe illustrator, I redesigned them into charactors of the skatepark. I kept the shapes and shadows simple as the characteristics of each […]

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Bird Box

Over the corse of 6 weeks, I had to design and create a interesting and in-depth wooden bird box using my skills, cutting and gluing pieces of plywood. With a moveable roof and miniature objects. This was a really fun project as I enjoy carpentry and using machinery. Above is some of the process and […]

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Making The Signs

Firstly I mounted the signs on thick cardboard using spray-mount. After, I begun to cut the timber wood to accurate angles and sizes, creating a large and small sized sign-posts. These 2 signs will be put up in different places in the gallery space and the other two will be stuck to the wall. Creating […]

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